Short Term Rentals

Dear Grand County Short-Term Lodging Operators,

Grand County’s Variance Request to the State of Colorado was approved, allowing short-term rentals to open today throughout the county, ahead of the end of the Safer-At-Home order expiring on June 1. Grand County is in the process of issuing a public health order today that will contain updated safety guidelines. All of the guidelines will be posted on Grand County’s website later today as well.

Operators must fill out the compliance verification form prior to opening to guests. If operators have already filled out the form, it is not necessary to resubmit, but operators should be aware of the updated safety guidelines. Operators can also choose to resubmit the form with the updated safety guidelines.It is critical that we all work together to keep Grand County’s COVID case count low. If the county experiences more than 15 new positive cases in a two-week period the variance will be automatically rescinded by the state and short-term lodging will have to cease operations.

Grand County COVID-19 Response Team

Welcome to the Grand County Short Term (STR) Rental 

Registration Page

Short Term Rental Permitting

All property owners desiring to engage in the short term rental of a residence in unincorporated Grand County must apply for a Short Term Rental Permit with the Department of Community Development.  These permits will need to be applied for on an annual basis.   

Permit Fees    

STR permit fees are based on maximum advertised occupancy.  The fee is $25 per occupant.  Example:  If your property is advertised as sleeping 10 people, your fee is $250.  Fees can be paid by credit/debit or electronic check.  Transaction fees apply.  (e-check fee $1.00, credit card fee is $.75 and a 2.25% surcharge)

What to Have Ready to Apply

  1. Your property address. You can find this by using the Assessors site:
  2. Colorado Retail Sales Tax License number.  If you have not yet applied for this license, you can apply online with the Colorado Department of Revenue.
    • If you only use Online Marketplace Facilitators*, (VRBO, HomeAway, Airbnb) and you do not directly receive payments from renters, you will not need a sales tax license.  Please enter "online" on your application under Tax ID *   NOTE:  Please verify that the following taxes are being collected.  2.9% State, 1.3% County, and 1.8% Lodging Tax Total of 6%)
  3. The name and contact information of two local emergency contacts.  These must be full-time Grand County residents.
  4. Complete the STR safety checklist:  STR Safety Checklist

Click the link below to start the registration process.  (Please note:  you will need to Create A New License you cannot renew the old permit)

Be in Compliance with the State

The state of Colorado requires all short term rentals maintain a Colorado Sales Tax License, post current tax rates, and remit payment of the collected sales taxes to the CDR.  Current tax rates for Grand County are: State 2.9%, County 1.3% and Lodging 1.8%.   Total of 6%.