Water Conservation

Drought occurs in virtually all climate zones and is a normal, recurring aspect of climate. For Grand County, a drought is a condition of insufficient water supply caused by a deficit in precipitation and/or extensive trans‐basin diversions. When the average annual snowpack is below normal or summer river levels drop below-established thresholds, the Drought Preparedness Committee will more closely monitor its water supply outlook. If the continued low stream flows stress water supplies or the environment, the Drought Preparedness Committee will implement this Drought Preparedness Plan.

This plan includes recommendations to establish water conservation measures that should be in place at all times to help ensure water demands are met while also encouraging efficient use of water throughout the County. This plan also establishes drought indicators to help understand what level of drought Grand County is facing. Indicators will trigger drought response recommendations based on the drought level of the indicator.

Routine Water Conservation – These are best management practices, activities and programs that help ensure water is used efficiently and appropriately at all times.

Drought Preparedness Program Elements ‐ These are recommendations for water use during different levels of drought.