Fingerprinting Services

The Grand County Sheriff’s Department will fingerprint for reasons including, but not limited to the following:
  • Adoption
  • All school employees
  • Employment
  • Foster care
  • Licenses (day care, real estate, liquor, etc.)
  • Security clearance

Appointments & Fees

Appointments are not necessary. This is a first come, first served basis. There may be a waiting time for service, depending on the jail’s schedule at the time. There is a fee of $10.


You must present a valid driver’s license or other secure, verifiable photo ID prior to being fingerprinted.

Note: Please do not fill out the card prior to fingerprinting.

New Days and Times for Civil Fingerprints

In order to provide the best service possible to the public, we will be implementing the following changes for civilian fingerprints (examples would be background record
requests for things like adoption, real estate, camp counselor, coaching, teaching,
liquor licenses etc.)


All correspondence containing details for the required prints, if one was received.


The reason for fingerprints (or the Colorado Revised Statute)

The address of your employer.

If you do not have these things available, we will NOT be able to fingerprint you on the day that you arrive.

The dates and times to come in for civil fingerprints are listed below:

Monday thru Thursday

8:00AM – 11:30AM and 1:30PM – 5:00PM