Tax Liens

Tax Lien Assignment 

The Grand County tax lien sale is held online at the Grand County Official Tax Certificate Auction Site

After the Sale

Payment of Subsequent Taxes:

  • August 1 of each year, tax sale buyers are offered the option of paying the current years’ unpaid taxes on properties for which they hold a tax lien.
  • Each buyer will receive a subsequent tax notice and a letter regarding the subsequent payments from the Grand County Treasurer’s Office.
  • Subsequent taxes earn the same interest rate as the certificate amount and will begin accruing interest upon receipt of the payment.

Applying for a Treasurer's Deed

A tax sale buyer is eligible to apply for a Treasurer’s Deed on any certificate he/she holds three years after the date of the sale. To apply for a Treasurer’s Deed, please send the following:

  • A deposit of $650
  • If the applicant is not an individual please provide a Statement of Authority
  • Original signed (by all parties) Deed Application
  • Original Tax Lien Certificate of Purchase (if not held in safekeeping)

It takes approximately five months for the deed application to be processed. During this time, the Treasurer’s Office pays a title company for a List of Parties and publishes a notice in the local newspaper. The total cost to process a deed application, including Treasurer’s fees, postage and copying costs, averages $650.

One month prior to the deed date, our office will send the tax sale buyer a letter requesting the balance due on fees, if any, and amounts due to redeem outstanding subsequent tax liens on the property. If the deposit is more than the actual costs, a refund check will be forwarded to the tax sale buyer along with the deed.

The tax lien may be redeemed up until 9:59 a.m. on the morning of the deed date. At 10 a.m. the property is deeded to the tax sale buyer.