Permit Fee Schedule

  • Right of Way Permit--$100
  • Driveway Permit--$125
  • Oversize / Overweight Permit--$250.00 per vehicle per year / $125.00 Special Use
  • General Release of Liability--$0


  • Right of Way Use Permit
    • Utility installation under a County road or in the shoulder / ditch
    • County road access
  • Driveway Permits
    • Installation of driveway on a County road
    • Driveway permit is needed prior to applying for a building permit
  • Oversize / Overweight Permit
    • Needed to transport any oversize or overweight load on County roads
    • Annual or Special Use
  • General Release of Liability
    • Required when conducting private activities on a County road or shoulder / ditch, such as tree removal or photography / filming
  • Cattle Guard Application
    • Needed for installation of a cattle guard
    • Applications must be approved by the Grand County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) 
    • Any cost associated with the purchase of an approved cattle guard and blocks will be the responsibility of the applicant
    • Upon approval by the BOCC and proof of payment for the cost associated with cattle guard, the Grand County Road & Bridge Department will contact applicant to schedule installation, relocation, and / or removal of the cattle guard
  • Road Hearing Signature Application
    • Application must be completed, signed, and submitted with a request to Road & Bridge for road maintenance or to increase / decrease the level of road maintenance on a dedicated County road
  • Street Lighting Application
    • Application must be completed and submitted to Road & Bridge to request street lighting for any County road