Stream Management Plan


Grand County Learning By Doing is revising the 13-year-old Stream Management Plan (SMP) and we'd like your input! The survey will only take 7-10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time.

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The purpose of the Stream Management Plan is to provide the framework for maintaining a healthy stream system in Grand County, Colorado through the protection and enhancement of aquatic habitat, while at the same time protecting local water uses and retaining flexibility for future water operations. The ultimate measure of success will be the presence of a self-sustaining aquatic ecosystem and fishery resource while meeting water user's needs. 

This report presents the analyses and recommendations of target flows, restoration opportunities, and monitoring recommendations. It is recognized that not all recommended target flows can be achieved at all times. Fluctuations of flows are expected and in some cases, these will be outside of the recommended flow ranges. 

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Concerns & Restoration Efforts

Of particular concern is when flows are less than the recommendations, thereby potentially threatening the health of the aquatic habitat and impeding water users. Thus restoration opportunities, including flow enhancements, and physical restoration, are developed and presented in this Stream Management Plan with the goal of minimizing the impacts from low flow conditions. A ranking system is also proposed to help prioritize restoration and implementation efforts by reach. 

Flow Analysis

Stream Management Plan appendices incorporate the following information:

  • Algae data review
  • Methods for determination
  • Overview of environmental flows
  • Recreation
  • Restoration opportunities
  • Survey data and backup information
  • Temperature data review
  • Water quality
  • Water users