Organ Donation

Donor Alliance & Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank

In Colorado, most organ and tissue donations are managed by Donor Alliance, a nonprofit, federally-approved organization designed to help in the donation and recovery of organs and other tissue. Eye tissues, such as those used for corneal transplantation, are handled by the Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank, a separate, cooperating agency.

What to Expect

If your loved one dies unexpectedly, a representative of Donor Alliance or the Eye Bank may contact you to discuss organ or tissue donation. The Coroner's Office is not involved in this part of the process.

The coroner has the authority to prevent organ donation in those rare circumstances when organ recovery would make it impossible to determine the manner and cause of death, as required by Colorado law.

Organ Donation Registry

Donor Alliance can help you to join the Organ Donation Registry, or to learn more about how one organ donor can save the lives of several people at once.