Grand County Emergency Medical Services (GCEMS) central station and administration is located in Granby, Grand County, Colorado. Grand County is located just West of Denver and North of the I-70 corridor on U.S. Highway 40 in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. 

Grand County is a destination community for more than a million visitors to the ski resorts, vast forest, rivers, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Grand County provides a host of outdoor recreational activities including hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails, hiking trails, mountain climbing, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, and four-wheeler trails. Grand County is known for its world-class fly fishing and game hunting. Grand County is home to the “Grand” River now today called the Colorado River. 

GCEMS is a state of the art advanced living systems (ALS) prehospital provider with small-town pride. Professional care with a personal touch.

Education & Training

GCEMS is vigilant and takes pride in providing a security blanket of protection to the public. As a healthcare safety net GCEMS continuously trains, educates, and reviews all medical practices and reviews, researches new medical therapies. This high level of dedication to providing emergent life-saving care is built on a strong education and training program.

In addition to the professional emergency management systems (EMS) staff, the Training and Education Division provides a diverse community education program. These programs have also garnered a public and private partnership to deploy more than 50 automated external defibrillators (AED) throughout the community. 

The Education and Training Division has expanded to provide initial EMT training to students of Middle Park High School and West Grand High School. The high school EMT courses provide high school seniors with job-ready skills when they graduate and prepare for the world. 

Tiered System

GCEMS provides a tiered level of response. This tiered system provides the emergency medical technician (EMT) basics greater autonomy as primary caregivers. The EMT-BIVs provide emergency care with interventions such as establishing intravenous (IV) lines, defibrillation, and emergency airway initiation with the King Airway. The EMT-BIV staff are the foundation of the department providing initial patient care and treatment.

The EMT-intermediate and paramedic staff responds as the advanced life support providers to administer even more intense patient care during an emergency. Paramedics and the critical care paramedics are equipped with state of the art medical equipment including the LifePak 15, I-Stat, IV pumps, and portable ventilators. All of the professional GCEMS staff are required to maintain numerous certifications including National Registry and Colorado, EMT Section, EMS certifications. The GCEMS staff attends more than 200 hours of continuing education and training. 


GCEMS has a proud and established history as a premier prehospital provider. The department was formed in 1970 as a basic level ambulance provider, responding in two Cadillac ambulances as a combination service under the sheriff’s office. The ambulance service started out in a little room at the courthouse and stationed the ambulances where planning and zoning are located today. 

In 1974 the ambulance service became its own department. In the early years the ambulance staff diligently worked to attain a high standard of care. These dedicated volunteers made strides to raise the bar introducing EMT-Intermediates in the 1980’s and moving forward to establish paramedics in the 1990’s. 

With each achievement, Grand County ambulance was making a difference to give life a chance. During the first 20 years, Grand County ambulance built a strong foundation for future EMS professionals to continue serving a growing community.


GCEMS continues to grow as a prominent EMS organization. The department provides basic life support, advanced life support, and critical care paramedic services with a small dedicated staff. 

The department became a full-time paid EMS Department in 2001. In 2003 the citizens of Grand County stepped in to support EMS with a 2 million property tax. The support of our citizens has and continues to be a driving force behind GCEMS today. GCEMS has a state of the art fleet of ambulances, QRUs, and medical equipment to give life a chance. GCEMS continues to grow to meet the needs of the community through an array of 911 emergency point of care medical services, out of county transport services, public education, and community healthcare services.

The staff of GCEMS proudly serves the citizens of all of Grand County and the towns of Fraser, Granby, Grand Lake, Hot Sulphur Springs, Kremmling, and Winter Park. 

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