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With climate unpredictability becoming the new norm, an increase in drought periods is predicted by climatologists to be more frequent and severe. The purpose of drought mitigation and preparedness planning is to preserve essential public services and minimize the adverse effects of drought on public health and safety, economic activity, environmental resources, and individual lifestyles during a drought event. The Grand County Drought Preparedness Plan (“plan”) is intended to mitigate the crisis through drought preparedness efforts, reduce the hardships caused by water shortages, create a county-wide approach to drought preparedness, and raise public confidence in the actions taken to address water supply shortages. It is also important to note that this plan is effective in drought and non-drought years. Drought mitigation, monitoring drought indicators, and drought public education are implemented on an annual basis regardless of whether it is a dry or a wet year. 

This plan was developed through a stakeholder process involving water districts, agricultural interests, environmental organizations, fire districts, town representatives, and Grand County government. This stakeholder group will help establish the Drought Preparedness Committee; whose purpose is to create county-wide collaboration in dealing with drought conditions.

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