Drought Preparedness Committee

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This committee will consist of at least five members who look at indicators and triggers and make recommendations to its members about which level of response they feel is appropriate. Membership in this committee will be distributed among members representing Grand County, water districts, towns, agricultural interests, golf courses, and environmental groups. The committee will meet a minimum of once a month between the months of April and September.  More frequent meetings may be called by any member of the Committee when drought conditions accelerate. The Drought Preparedness Committee has the authority to make minor clarification edits to the plan if necessary. Drought Preparedness Committee members are selected by a vote of the participating Drought Preparedness Plan members. 

The Grand County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) may be asked to approve drought stages upon recommendation from the Drought Preparedness Committee. The Drought Preparedness Committee may move forward with implementing appropriate drought stage actions without BOCC approval.

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