Duties & Responsibilities

To Protect Life.  

Grand County EMS is a vital community service designed to intervene in life-threatening emergencies with emergent medical & trauma care therapies to sustain the quality of life for human beings.  GCEMS is woven into the fabric of the Grand County community and provides a blanket of protection, 24 hours a day / 365 days a year, for the citizens & visitors through a robust emergency ambulance deployment plan. The GCEMS deployment plan includes specialized emergency medical ambulances designed for the mountains and equipped to provide rapid response, bedside and on-scene point of care by highly trained EMTs, EMT-Intermediates, and Paramedics. 

Life support through emergency medical and/or traumatic medical interventions and medical procedures, ambulance transport services while continuing to provide emergency medical and/or trauma interventions & procedures. 

The Grand County EMS system protects lives, prevents death, and begins the healing process. GCEMS is committed to success through active & progressive emergency medical care.

To Provide Emergency Response.  

Ensure the citizens and visitors of Grand County have immediately available ground ambulance medical transport services offering Critical Care Paramedic Advanced Life Support therapies and interventions as well as EMT Basic Life Support services to tertiary medical care facilities outside of Grand County.

Furnish the citizens & visitors enjoying the backcountry recreational opportunities of Grand County with a trained, skilled, and technically equipped wilderness rescue service from the Grand County EMS Mountain Medical Response Team.

Provide the community with training and education programs for emergency preparedness and life-saving emergency techniques.

Support the citizens & visitors of Grand County during natural and manmade emergencies with a functional disaster services response system.

To Support Communities. 

Promote injury prevention and life-saving skill through active community programs, i.e. Lifesaving Is For Everyone program, Car Seat Safety Inspection program, High School EMT course, and Open enrollment EMT courses.

Participate at community functions & events throughout Grand County making available to the citizens & visitors on-site emergency medical and trauma care by trained EMS professionals.

Support community firefighters and law enforcement officers with emergency scene safety services and immediate medical response during on-scene operations.