Three Lakes Design Review

If your property is located in the Three Lakes Area, which extends from the south end of Lake Granby north to Rocky Mountain National Park, and approximately 3 miles east and west of U.S. Highway 34, you are in the U.S. Forest Service design review area and there will be special requirements that will apply to you that do not apply in any other area of the county.

Prior to any other inspections, the applicant must call the county Zoning Office for a separate zoning inspection where the location of the building footprint will be measured for setbacks and other design review area requirements will be determined.

What to Include

Building plans for property located within the Three Lakes Design Review Area must include the following:

  • All Door Colors
  • Foundation Covering Color and Type
  • Intent of Design Criteria
  • Roof Color and Type
  • Siding Color and Type
  • Trim Color

The key elements of design that are to be stressed are the protection of significant views, preservation of native vegetation, building design, and landscaping. In short, buildings are to be as unobtrusive as possible in the natural settings of which they are constructed.