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Citizen Report of Possible Violation of Public Health Orders (PHO)

  1. Phone
    To leave a recorded message instead of or in addition to filing this form, please call 970-364-3811
  2. Enforcement of Public Health Orders
    There have been a number of executive and public health orders issued by Governor Polis and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. These orders are intended to minimize contact between people to the greatest extent possible to minimize the spread of COVID19. These orders adopted by the State apply to residents Grand County and the municipalities in this county. Grand County has also issued a Public Health Order. These public health orders have the effect of law and failure to comply is subject to penalty.
  3. Geographic Area
    This portal is for use of complaints about violations of public health orders that may occur in Grand County, Town of Winter Park, Town of Fraser, Town of Granby, Town of Grand Lake, Town of Hot Sulphur Springs or Town of Kremmling. Complaints received will be routed to the appropriate jurisdiction for investigation, as resources and priorities allow.
  4. Complaints and Investigations
    Any party may make a complaint alleging one or more public health order violations. Public health advisories are not orders and complaints related to public health advisories will not be investigated. Due to workload constraints, agencies are unable to investigate anonymous complaints or complaints with insufficient detail. Not all complaints will be investigated and, due to other demands and staffing challenges related to COVID19, it is likely agencies will be unable to follow up on each complaint. Complaints will be prioritized in order of their seriousness and the risk the behavior poses to overall public health and safety.
  5. Enforcement Action
    Violations of public health orders may be subject to one or more legal or administrative remedies including civil and criminal penalties, or the suspension or revocation of the subject property's Grand County issued Short Term Rental Permit.
  6. Public Disclosure
    All complaints filed through this portal may be subject to the Colorado Open Records Act and subject to public disclosure. Please do not provide personal health information.
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