How do I know what level my community is in? What rules do I follow?

People should be aware of and follow the rules in their specific community and in the communities they are visiting.

Grand County’s Public Health Order is complementary to State public health orders. Therefore, the Order should

not be relied upon solely. To the extent any State orders or laws conflict with the express terms of this Order, the provisions of this local June 26, 2020 GCPH Public Health Order control, regardless of whether the State orders or laws are more or less restrictive than what is set forth herein. However, except for those specifically identified measures contained herein, the Order is not intended to limit, rescind, alter, or amend any other applicable public health orders, restrictions, or requirements of the federal, state or local governments.

All members of the public are responsible for following all other provisions of the Governor’s orders, CDPHE orders, and local orders that do not conflict with the specific protective measures in the Grand County COVID- 19 Suppression Plan and Playbooks. Individuals should be aware that new orders are being issued on a regular basis from Governor Polis and CDPHE.

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1. What can I do to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?
2. What is a close contact?
3. What is “Contact Tracing”?
4. What is the difference between Quarantine and Isolation?
5. Can isolation and quarantine be enforced?
6. I have been diagnosed with or am showing symptoms of COVID-19 – what should I do?
7. I think I have been exposed to COVID-19, but I’m not showing symptoms - what should I do?
8. I think I was in contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19. Now What?
9. I was told to quarantine, but I got tested and the test was negative, can I go back to work?
10. Can I get the antibody blood test to see if I had COVID-19?
11. Can you get tested in Grand County for COVID-19 if you meet the protocol? Once the person is tested, where is the specimen sent for confirmation? When will Grand County get rapid testing?
12. What are the Activity Specific Protective Measures and Guidance Playbooks?
13. What is the Compliance Verification Form?
14. What is Protect Our Neighbors?
15. How do we apply for Protect Our Neighbors?
16. How do I know what level my community is in? What rules do I follow?
17. I own a Short-Term Rental, am I allowed to operate?
18. I own a business in Grand County, what do I need to do to open?
19. What is an antibody test?
20. Do you recommend antibody testing? Why not?
21. Why do the numbers change/differ from my local health department?
22. How is it determined which county a case belongs in?
23. What’s the difference between confirmed and probable cases?
24. What community resources are available?
25. What type of healthcare is being provided?
26. What mental health and anxiety resources are available to the Grand County community?