Safer at Home

Grand County has been awarded a variance by the state of Colorado. Therefore we are operating under a local public health order, its Amendment Order, CDPHE’s Public Health Order 20-28 and other orders of CDPHE or the Governor of Colorado.

Looking for information regarding Grand County’s Variance? See Short-Term Lodging, Fitness and Recreation, or Places of Worship.

Are you a Business Owner? See Business Specific Guidance. Submit a COVID-19 Compliance Verification Form | Español

What Does Safer-At-Home Mean?

Coloradans are no longer ordered to stay home, but are strongly advised to stay at home. Critical businesses are open and limited non-critical businesses are operating with strict precautions in place.  

  • Coloradans should continue staying home as much as possible.
  • When you go out, you should follow physical distancing requirements (6 feet of space between yourself and others) and wear a face covering.
  • Older adults over 65 years of age and vulnerable people at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 should follow Stay-at-Home recommendations, which means taking extra precautions to maintain physical distance and only leaving home for medical care and essential activities. 
  • Vulnerable individuals cannot be compelled to perform in-person work for any business or government function, including a Critical Business or Critical Government Function.
  • People who are sick, or have a household member who is sick with COVID-19 like symptoms, should still stay home from work and limit social interactions as much as possible.