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1. Where will my relative / friend be taken?
2. Is it necessary for me to come to the coroner's office to identify the body?
3. Is viewing allowed?
4. Will an autopsy be performed?
5. Will an autopsy report be available?
6. Why is the coroner involved?
7. Will the coroner make arrangements with a mortuary?
8. What should I do now?
9. What information does the coroner need?
10. How long will it take before my relative or friend is released from your office?
11. Will I be charged for other coroner services?
12. What about tissue / organ donation?
13. Where can I obtain a death certificate?
14. How and when can personal possessions be claimed?
15. If there are no funds for burial, what can I do?
16. I need to enter my relative’s or friend’s residence, but it is sealed, what can I do?