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Strategic Result #1: Transportation: County Roads


  1. 1. Overview
  2. 2. Team
  3. 3. Updates
  4. 4. Strategies
  5. 5. Action Items
  6. 6. Performance Measures
  7. 7. Supporting Documents
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  • Overview

    1. Grand County’s extraordinary quality of life, access to all of Colorado’s best outdoor experiences, the local cost of living, and easy access from the Front Range make it a certainty that our population and economy will grow over the next five years. This growth will challenge us if we do not prepare in the areas of transportation, housing and broadband.
    2. Results
      • By 2023, 100% of paved County Roads are maintained at or above approved County Paved road standards.
      • By 2020, 100% of targeted roadways are maintained at or above approved County road standards
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