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Building Department



  2. Septic Permit Application
  1. Change in Contractor Verification Form

    This form can be faxed in for approval. Our fax number is 970-725-3284. Please provide a contact name and fax number so the approval... More…

  2. Workers' Compensation Insurance Waiver

cp training

  1. Email Form
  2. Request for Free Stuff

    This is a request for free stuff

  1. Fix It Form


  1. General Questions, Comments, Feedback

    Please use this form to submit general feedback, questions or comments to Grand County. If you'd like a response, please include your... More…

  1. Grand County Civil Rights & Conscience and Religious Freedom Discrimination Complaint

Needs Assessment

  1. Public Opinion Survey and Comment Form

    Feedback from the community regarding the Public Safety Facility Needs Assessment and a questionnaire to measure public support in the... More…


  1. Update Form

    Monthly status report for Elected Officials and Department Directors

Public and Environmental Health

  1. Environmental Health or Retail Food Concern

    Use this form to report a concern with a Retail Food Establishment, Childcare Facility, or other general Environmental Health related... More…

Short Term Rentals

  1. STR Safety Checklist

    Please fill out the checklist below to be included with your Short Term Rental registration. If you need any assistance, please call... More…

Treasurer's Office

  1. Mailing Address Update

    Please complete this form to update your MAILING address on file with the Grand County Assessor's and Treasurer's Offices.