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Grand Profile

Grand Facts

Grand Facts is a project of Grand County Economic Development aimed at informing and communicating the progress of Grand County for mutual benefit. Grand Facts can be accessed below and is continually updated with periodic digests.

Community & Economic Data for Grand County

Available Data Sets:

Labor & Employment:
  • Civilian workforce, number of jobs, unemployment percentage, number of unemployed and our economic stress indicator based on employment.
Graphical Reports                             Tabular Reports

Retail Sales:

  • Monthly sales figures on the food & beverage industry (restaurants, catering, bars and taverns) Retail Trade (Consumer tangible industries such as cars, furniture, groceries, clothing) All other retail industries (Mining, construction,manufacturing, wholesale trade, etc.)
Graphical Reports                             Tabular Reports

Water is a foundation of the Colorado economy as well as the economies of states to the west and east. Water is a finite resource. The amount of water available at any one time is also extremely variable due to annual seasonal conditions and multi-year weather patternsRead more...

  • Reservoir Levels: Grand Lake, Lake Granby, Shadow Mountain & Williow Creek
  • Snow pack: Berthoud Pass & Willowcreek       
  • Stream flow: Fraser River near Winter Park & Colorado River near Kremmling

Where You Come In

We need your help! Your input and perspective are invaluable. By finding the website you are helping build the awareness of the economic drivers in our community. Take some time to look around at the Tabular (spreadsheet like) data and the Graphical (charts and graphs) data available. And don’t miss the chance to look at the Grand Facts, a snapshot of current economic and community data.

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