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More than a Tuesday - February 23, 2016

The Tuesday Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meetings are the most obvious evidence of the Commissioner work process.  In truth, we put a great deal of work into those Tuesdays so that we are individually well-informed and can properly represent our constituents and their issues.  First, each of us represents the County on several Boards and for a number of different issues.  Commissioner Manguso sits on the Juvenile Services Planning Committee (JSPC), Grand County Council on Aging (GCCOA), and represents the BOCC on Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG).  As well she also represents us on the Interagency Oversight Group (IOG – Social Services Planning – HB1541) and at the North West Transportation Planning Region (NWTPR).  Commissioner Linke sits on the 1177 Basin Roundtable, represents Grand County with the Sage Grouse issue, Grand Enterprise Board and Resource Team, Grand County Rural Health Network, is a Club 20 voting member, and as well is Grand County’s representative to CCI (Colorado Counties, Inc).  During the legislative session, January through May, Commissioner Linke follows the session to get additional information on the House and Senate bills.  Commissioner Tollett sits on the NWCCOG QQ (Water Quality and Quantity) board, Winter Park Community Advisory Committee, Economic Development, as well as various water meetings such as Learning by Doing.  Secondly, there are occasional meetings we attend either to update citizens, such as town and Chamber meetings, Rotary Clubs, GL Women’s club, to get more informed ourselves, or to show support for County employees who are presenting and/or attending.  We can also work on internal County committees such as the Ethics committee.  Finally, we read a lot.  Each of us spends anywhere from 2-4 hours preparing for the Tuesday BOCC meetings, as well as reading up on issues, legislation, and background information so we can make the best decisions possible.  We also can spend time with other County employees just getting informed or asking questions.  So, although the obvious work occurs on Tuesdays, much of the information gathering occurs the other six days of the week – our jobs are truly more than a Tuesday.

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