West Slope Water Agreements

Grand County Mitigation and Enhancement Coordination Plan

In February 2014, after five years of negotiations over the Moffat Collection System Project (Moffat Project), Grand County and Denver Water reached an agreement on how to protect the Fraser River and its tributaries from the project’s impacts. 

Grand County, Trout Unlimited, and Denver Water agreed to a package of measures that will not only address impacts from the proposed Moffat Project, but will also pave the way to improve existing stream conditions.

The measures are embodied in the Grand County Mitigation and Enhancement Coordination Plan (MECP). At the heart of the MECP is Learning By Doing (LBD) a monitoring and adaptive management non-profit organization.

Colorado River Cooperative Agreement (CRCA)

You have heard of the Moffat Project. You have heard about Grand County’s negotiations with Denver Water. Now learn about the enhancements for improving the Colorado and Fraser rivers.

Grand County, Denver Water, and the Colorado River District, and 25 other West Slope partners have negotiated a “global agreement” on transmountain diversions and water management. Grand County’s goal in the negotiations was to make Grand County’s rivers and streams better than they are today, and put in place procedures that would, to the greatest extent possible, preserve and protect our water resources for the future.

  1. CRCA Agreement
  2. CRCA Attachments

Windy Gap Firming Project

  1. Application
  2. Final Environmental Impact
  3. Planning Commission Meeting
  4. Planning commission public hearing
  5. Permit Authority Deliberation and Final Permit