Sex Offenders

Revised Sex Offender Registry
In 2005, with the passage of Colorado Revised Statue 16-22-110, the Colorado sex offender registry was revised.

The general assembly recognized the need to balance the expectations of persons convicted of offenses involving unlawful sexual behavior and the public's need to adequately protect themselves and their children from these persons. It is not the intent that the information be used to inflict retribution, or additional punishment on any person convicted of unlawful sexual behavior or of another offense. Any reference to any victims is excluded.

Check the list of registered sex offenders.
This website does not list all convicted sex offenders in Grand County.
The CBI does not post information concerning (1) sex offenders only convicted of misdemeanor sex offenses, or (2) juveniles adjudicated for sex crimes.

 You may pick up a complete list of all the sex offenders registered in Grand County at the Grand County Sheriff's Office.

Sexually Violent Community Notification Bulletins
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