Forms and Documents


Effective June 15, 2015, all driveway permits must be submitted to the Community Development Department at the Administration Building in Hot Sulphur Springs. 

Grand County Road and Bridge will accept applications at our location as well. 

Please contact Road and Bridge with any questions (970) 887-2123. 


  • Right of Way Use Permit - This permit is needed for digging, boring, excavating, etc. in a Grand County right of way. This includes placing utilities in the ditch line or accessing utilities under the road.
  • Driveway Permits - This permit is needed to install a driveway. A Driveway Permit is needed prior to applying for a building permit.
  • OSOW Permit - An Oversize/Overweight Permit is needed to transport any oversize or overweight load on county roads.
  • General Release of Liability - This permit is required when conducting private activities in a Grand County right of way (such as tree removal).
  • Cattle Guard Application - This permit is needed to install a cattle guard. After submission, applications must then be approved by the Grand County Board of Commissioners (BOCC). Any cost associated with the purchase of an approved cattle guard and blocks will be the responsibility of the applicant. Upon approval by the BOCC and proof of payment for the cost associated with cattle guard, the Grand County Road and Bridge Department will contact the applicant to schedule installation, relocation, and/or removal of the cattle guard.
  • Road Hearing Signature Application - This application must be completed, signed, and submitted with a request to Road and Bridge for road maintenance or to increase/decrease the level of road maintenance on a dedicated County road.
  • Street Lighting Application - This application must be completed and submitted to Grand County Road and Bridge to request Street Lighting for any County road.