Service, Repair & Report

Help Desk
Information systems mans and responds to help desk type support. The help desk serves as the first line of support for employees and citizen assistance in the use of county owned equipment, software applications, information access, and in resolving operational issues of information systems.  Support tickets

System Administrator
Information systems is the system administrator for all county technology systems and maintains the entire network infrastructure and is also responsible for the security of these systems. Information systems also establishes and implements policies for access to network systems, email, Internet, and all data resources.

Electronic Door Security
The Information Systems Department manages electronic door security systems, and maintains county owned video monitoring equipment. The department also services the counties audio-video and voice recording systems.

Internet Connectivity
The Information Systems Department manages all Internet connectivity, web content management, and email accounts, and is the webmaster for the county's website.

The Information Systems Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all county phone systems.