Where to Get Your Application
Building Permit Application forms are available at our office or at any of the towns we serve, or can be downloaded. If you are a homeowner/builder, you may fill out the Homeowner Affidavit, which needs to be signed and notarized. If you are hiring a contractor, the contractor obtaining the building permit will need to be registered with Grand County, and must fill out the Contractor Verification form.

Electrical permit applications are available through the state electrical inspector. We do not process electrical permit applications, nor do we perform electric inspections.

Septic application forms and Septic Declaration of Covenants forms are available at our office or can be downloaded.

Faxed Plans
We do not accept faxed plans.

Single Family Dwelling
To apply for a building permit for a single family dwelling provide the following:
  • Building Permit Application
  • Contractor Verification Form OR Homeowner Affidavit
  • Three sets of complete plans, including the site plan
  • Fire impact fee sign off - this sign off comes from either the EGFPD #4 or GFPD #1, which ever district your property is located in
  • Proof of sewer
  • Proof of water 
  • Driveway permit (if applicable)
The above items are mandatory and must be presented at the time of application. We cannot accept incomplete application packets.