Proof of Ownership

Any building permit application that is submitted for unplatted property less than 35 acres in size will require a copy of pre-1972 deed verifying the creation of the property. The copy of this deed must be submitted with the building permit application.

Three sets of written specifications of the work to be performed, methods of construction to be used, and materials planned for use in the project shall be provided.

If specifications in sufficient detail are written in the drawings, they need not be submitted separately. The decision will be left up to the Building and Sanitation Services Office.

Details & Diagrams
Engineering details, stress diagrams, computations, and the like to show correctness of the plans and designs therein may be required at the discretion of the Building and Sanitation Services Office.

Snow Loads
Special attention to snow load designs must be made. Snow loads for Grand County range from a minimum of 40-pounds-per-square-foot to 120-pounds-per-square-foot depending on the location. Check with the Building and Sanitation Services Office for the specific snow load, you will need to provide the legal description when you call.

Any piece of property not described by a lot and block within a subdivision will require a copy of the deed of trust giving the complete legal description.