Three copies of the project plans (drawings) and specifications are required:
  • One set will be retained for the files of the Community Development Office
  • One set will be kept with the building permit in a weather-proof packet on the job site in a place that is easily available for the building inspector
  • One set will be returned to the applicant for their use


One set must remain on the job site until the project is completed. Required drawings shall be presented on substantial paper, which is suitable for reproduction, and in sufficient detail to clearly indicate the scope of the project. In the lower right corner of each page shall appear the legal description of the property (lot, block, subdivision, or metes and bounds) and the name and address of the person preparing the drawings.

Each individual drawing on each page shall be identified by name and scale: i.e., Floor Plan - 0.25-inch equals 1-foot, and so forth. 


Please be advised that Section 1, Article 4, of Title 12, Colorado Revised Statutes 1973,1978 Replication Volume. as amended, requires that the design and drawing be prepared by a Colorado licensed architect with the following exemption:
  • Additions, alterations, or repairs to the foregoing buildings, which do not cause the completed buildings to exceed the applicable limitations set forth in this subsection
  • Garages, industrial buildings, offices, farm buildings, and buildings for the marketing, storage, or processing of farm products
  • Nonstructural alterations of any nature to any building if such alterations do not affect the safety of the building
  • One, two, three, and four-family dwellings including accessory buildings commonly associated with such dwellings
  • Warehouses, which do not exceed one story in height (exclusive of a one story basement), which under applicable building code, or codes, are not designed for occupancy by more than ten persons