Important Notice to Owners

Liens Against Your Property
Under Colorado law, suppliers, subcontractors, or other persons providing labor or materials for work on your residential property may have a right to collect their money from you by filing a lien against your property. A lien can be filed against your residence when a supplier, subcontractor, or other person is not paid by your contractor for his labor or materials.

However, in accordance with the Colorado General Mechanics’ Lien Law, Sections 38-22-102 (3.5) and 38-22-113 (4), Colorado Revised Statutes, you have an affirmative defense in any action to enforce a lien if you or some person acting on your behalf has paid your contractor and satisfied your legal obligations.

You may also want to discuss with your contractor, your attorney, or your lender possible precautions, including the use of lien waivers or requiring that every check issued by you or on your behalf is made payable to the contractor, the subcontractor, and the supplier in order to avoid double payments if your property does not satisfy the requirements of Sections 38-22-102 (3.5) and 38-22-113 (4), Colorado Revised Statutes.

You should take whatever steps necessary to protect your property, as provided in Colorado Revised Statuses, Section 38-22-106.