Certificate of Occupancy

Letter of Occupancy
A certificate of occupancy will be issued to the owner of the project only after a final inspection of the work is performed in the company of the contractor or owner (or authorized agents thereof), and when the construction site has been cleaned of debris and/or waste construction materials and equipment to the satisfaction of this division.

A letter of occupancy will be issued for R-3 (Single Family Dwellings) only. No certificates of occupancy will be issued for u-garages, fences, etc.

Important Note
Occupancy of the structure shall not take place unless, and until, a Certificate of Occupancy has been issued. Except the division may, at its discretion, issue a letter of occupancy, good only under the conditions stated thereon, and for the time period specified.

Function Policy
The basic function of the Building and Sanitation Services Office is the enforcement and interpretation of the codes. Time will not permit lengthy conference discussions regarding design problems and/or material proposed for construction. Such matters should be discussed with a qualified designer, architect, or engineer in the particular field of concern. If conferences are requested, at least two days notice should be given and a definite appointment made with the division. The division may request conferences with the applicant on discrepancies found after the required plan reviews have been performed.
- Approved as county policy by the Board of County Commissioners on February 3, 1982.