Air Quality Regulations

Limitation on the Number of Devices
  • Single Family Residences, which a building permit is issued after effective date of this amendment may have no more than one approved solid fuel burning device per property.
  • No solid fuel burning device shall be allowed in apartments, condominiums, town houses, hotels/motels, accessory buildings, commercial and industrial buildings.
    • Exceptions: Apartments, condominiums, town houses, hotel / motels, and commercial and industrial buildings may have one approved solid fuel burning device per lobby or other main common area.
  • Any non-approved solid fuel burning device that requires replacement, relocation or significant modification, must be removed and/or replaced with an approved solid fuel burning device, or approved non-solid fuel burning device.
  • Approved Non-solid Fuel Burning Device: A appliance or device, which burns a non-solid fuel; such as, natural gas, liquefied petroleum (LP), fuel oil, recycled motor oil, or similar fuel in an appliance or device, which has been approved by Underwriter’s Laboratory, American Gas Associates, other approved laboratories, or the Grand County Building Official.
  • Approved Solid Fuel Burning Device: A appliance or device, which is designed or intended to burn solid fuel and is certified by the air pollution control division of the State Department of Health to meet the emission standards that are set forth in regulation 4, Section IV, Volume 1 of the Standards of the State Air Quality Control Commission.
  • Solid Fuel Burning Device: Any fireplace, stove, firebox, or other device intended and/or used for the purpose of burning wood, coal, pulp, paper, pellets, or other non-liquid or non-gaseous fuel.