Food Assistance Program

The Food Assistance Program provides monthly benefits to low-income households to assist with the cost of food.

You may be eligible for food assistance if you:
  • Are unemployed, work part-time or work for low wages
  • Receive other public assistance payments
  • Are elderly or disabled and live on a small income
  • Are homeless
  • Your household does not exceed $2,000 in countable resources (cash on hand, bank accounts, investments, secondary property, etc.)

Income Guidelines

Household Size Maximum Gross Monthly Income Maximum Net Monthly Income
$1,211 $931
$1,640 $1,261
$2,069 $1,591
$2,498 $1,921
$2,927 $2,251
$3,356 $2,581
$3,785 $2,911
$4,214 $3,241
Each Additional $429 $330





Check if you may be eligible by using the Program Eligibility Application Kit (PEAK) tool.

How to Apply
Pick up an application from our office, call to have one mailed to you, or print an application online.  Bring the completed application for assistance and all required documents into our office. Applications cannot be processed without all required documents, which include:

    Proof of Identity (driver’s license, ID card, resident card, US Passport)
    Social Security numbers for all household members
    Proof of any income (pay stubs, letter from employer)
    Proof of any non-work income (unemployment, child support payments, etc.)
    Proof of any assets or resources (bank statements, CD/IRA/Stocks/Bonds)
    Proof of any expenses (rent/mortgage, utilities, day care, child support obligation)

Spanish application available here     

How Long Before I Receive Benefits?
Food assistance applications will be processed within 30 days from the date our office receives your completed application and all required documents.  Households that meet expedited criteria can receive food assistance benefits within 7 days from the date of the application.

More Information
for more information about the Food Assistance Program.

Visit for information about the
WIC program (Women, Infant, Child) program designed to provide nutrition and health education, healthy food and other services free of charge to Colorado families who qualify (if you qualify for Food Assistance, you will qualify for WIC).

What can I do if my food assistance application was denied?
Contact your Food Assistance office to ask why your application was not approved. You can request a meeting with your Food Assistance worker and his/her supervisor to talk about your case. If you disagree, you can request an informal local county level meeting. If you still feel there has been a mistake, you can request a State Level Fair Hearing. Visit for more information.