Prehospital Emergency Medicine

The prehospital emergency medicine course is available to any student in grade 12.

Maximum class size is 15 students. If more students apply for the class, students will be prioritized based upon the number of prerequisites they have completed. The course will be taught at the Grand County Emergency Medical Services (GCEMS) building in downtown Granby.

  • Anatomy and physiology, recommended
  • Medical terminology
  • Must be able to read at the 10th-grade level, as demonstrated by Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) or American College Testing (ACT) scores
  • Reliable transportation
  • Sports health and first aid
GCEMS will consider students who have not taken the prerequisites based upon demonstration desire.

This course covers techniques of patient assessment, clinical decision-making, and treatment techniques for proper emergency patient care.
Included is an introduction to:
  • anatomy and physiology
  • hazardous materials
  • incident management
  • medical illnesses
  • medical terminology
  • medication administration
  • patient movement
  • pediatric patient care
  • scene safety
  • splinting
  • traumatic injuries
The course will include curriculum materials from emergency medical technician (EMT) - basic and outdoor emergency care.

Students will have special opportunities to observe in emergency rooms and surgical suites. Students will also be expected to spend some hours on ambulance and ski patrol ride along which require some Friday and Saturday hours.

This course will provide an excellent base for any student interested in a health care career as well as the skills and certifications for entry-level positions. It would also be extremely beneficial information for any outdoor enthusiasts, such as snowmobilers, hikers, rafters, and cyclists, who may find themselves in emergency situations a long ways from the nearest medical facility.