Insurance Accounts
As a courtesy, an insurance claim will be filed with the appropriate company on your behalf. After a grace period of 30 days, if payment has not been received, a claim status will be required by either the patient or our office to determine the delay. If payment has been received, the credit is applied to the account and any remaining balance is the patient responsibility.

Patients are given the option to pay the balance in full or establish a monthly payment plan. We are happy to assist you in appealing your payment should you disagree with how your insurance company processed your claim. 

Self-Pay / Under-Insured Accounts
An individual who does not have third party coverage by a commercial third-party insurer, or any other Federal Healthcare Program coverage are encouraged to contact our billing office to discuss payment options. 

Blue Cross (BC) & Blue Shield (BS) Accounts
Local, Colorado based accounts, claims will be submitted to the BC/BS local office in Denver on behalf of the patient. Colorado account processing pays directly to the provider. 

National claims must be submitted by patient directly. While processing, a payment plan must be established and the minimum requirement of $25 a month is required. The Grand County Emergency Medical Services (GCEMS) billing office will monitor the BC/BS provider site for processed claims. At this point insurance payments must be forwarded to GCEMS. If the account has a remaining balance then the time-pay procedures apply. 

Collection Agency Accounts
When in-house collection efforts have been exhausted, accounts are sent to one of the following agencies for further collection efforts:
  • American Agencies - Orem, Utah 800-521-4956
  • County Attorney - Grand County residence accounts will be forwarded to the county attorneys office if the account(s) balance is greater then $1200
  • Wakefield and Associates - Fort Morgan, Colorado 888-289-2053