Wildfire Programs

County & National Fire Plans
Your source for news on any fire restrictions, community meetings, and important information about what you, the homeowner, can do to defense your property from wildfire. The Grand County Fire Plan has recently been completed and can be viewed at the Division of Natural Resources offices in Granby. Please call our offices at 970-887-0745 to make an appointment to review the Grand County Fire Plan.

For up-to-date news on fire restrictions, campsite regulations, community meetings, and fireworks, view the National Fire Plan to look at the program administered by the federal government to make our wildland / urban interface safer from the threat of wildfire.

Guides & Resources  
The snowy winter months is the time to conduct open burning. For more information, call 970-887-0745.

The Colorado State Forest Service offers excellent guides and informational resources, so homeowners can help protect their property from or reduce the effects of a potential wildfire.

Be Wildfire Ready - Helping Grand County residents and visitors live more safely with the threat of wildfire.