GIS Services was formed in 1997 for the purpose of creating a Geographic Information System capable of efficiently an effectively meeting the organization's geographic information needs.

The GIS departmental goals are to coordinate the human, capital, and fiscal resources to build the major base map layers critical to the county agencies. The numerous project benefits include eliminating data redundancy and duplicate effort, increasing accuracy and currency, and improving access and availability of geographic information.

The major base map layer in development phase at this time is the Parcel-Property layer. Database coverages for land use analysis are also being created. Concurrently, the department is responsible for updating existing map data and coordinating application development.

In consideration of the scope of the project, the provision of mapping and data services to citizens, other government agencies, and the business community is limited and based upon resource availability.

The spatial and graphical information contained in the county's GIS is designed and maintained to satisfy the needs and requirements of county offices.

The county is willing to freely share this data with any other government agency within Grand County. Grand County cannot make commitments to further develop the GIS data for the interest of outside government agencies, nor can Grand County commit to reproduce maps, reports, or copies of this data on behalf of those government agencies that have received this data.

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