Office of Emergency Management

Grand County EMS and Office of Emergency Management logo

The Grand County Office of Emergency Management is dedicated to developing plans of action for the prevention, response, and mitigation to natural and man made disasters. It is our goal to keep the community safe and provide information to the public on how to protect and plan for emergencies.

The Grand County Office of Emergency Management works closely with the State of Colorado Division of Emergency Management, FEMA, and is a member of the Northwest All-Hazards Emergency Planning Region.

If you have questions or would like more information about your Office of Emergency Management, please contact our office by calling 970-887-2732.

Local Emergency Planning Committee
The Office of Emergency Management works with all of Grand County’s Responders through the Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).

Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan
In our attempts to reduce the impacts caused by disaster, Grand County is updating plans for preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. One of those plans is the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan (PDMP). The process includes historical data, input from citizens via a survey in late 2005, and government agency recommendations.

The purpose of this plan is to identify goals and objectives for actions that minimize the potential negative impacts caused by the prioritized hazards.

Local Emergency Operations Plan
The Grand County Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP) is being updated to comply with the current National Response Framework and Colorado Emergency Operations Plan.