Drinking Water

Access to safe drinking water is a fundamental part of living an active and healthy life. Whether you get your water from a public water system or a private well, it is important to understand where your water comes from and be assured that your water is safe and healthy.

Public Water Systems

Drinking water providers continuously monitor public drinking water systems. Most public water systems provide an annual water quality report to their customers.  This report is called a Consumer Confidence Report and is generally available on the system’s webpage or by request. 

If you experience problems with your drinking water quality contact your provider immediately. Grand County is not a water provider. If you do not know who provides your water, call the closest municipality or the Environmental Health Department to obtain this information.

Well Water

Private wells supply water to many households in the county.  Sampling for safety and health of this water falls solely on the home owner or tenants shoulders. Your well could be adversely affected by the fire, power outages, equipment failure from fire damage, or contamination from sewer systems due to loss of water pressure in water distribution systems. Be prepared, and have plenty of bottled water available for drinking and cooking when you return home.

For more information go to our Well Water page.

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