Frequently Asked Questions

How can I report a spill?

The Colorado State Spill Hotline number is 1-877-518-5608, and the website is

How do I contact my water commissioner about water rights? 

If you’re in East Grand (includes Hot Sulphur Springs), contact Sue Avre at (970) 531-2696; all others contact Neal Misbach (970) 726-4267.

Where can I get information about well permitting?

Click here to visit the Colorado Division of Water Resources well permitting page.

How can I have my well water tested? 

If all you want to test for is e coli, test canisters can be picked up at Public Health at 150 Moffat Avenue, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO 80451.

If you’re looking for more comprehensive testing, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment offers a number of water testing packages on their website at, including the ‘General Colorado’ package which tests for the most common problem constituents in Colorado aquifers. Results from CDPHE are sent to the homeowner with clear indications of whether test parameters are within acceptable standards, making interpretation easy.