Drought Preparedness

June 10, 2021

The Drought Preparedness Committee has declared Grand County in: 


U.S. Drought Monitor

                               JUNE 16, 2020                        vs.                      June 15, 2021

The Colorado River is the lifeblood of the West, and it all begins in Grand County!  

But, we demand a lot of our river, from recreation, wildlife and agriculture, to our drinking water.  As the headwaters of the Colorado River, it is incumbent upon the Grand County community to be the leader in the conversation for how to become stewards of the river.

In April 2019, a team of professionals representing water districts, towns, and county government attended a Sonoran Institute “Growing Water Smart Workshop” in Keystone. The team walked away with an action plan to create a Drought Management Plan. Over the course of 8 facilitated meetings, a stakeholder group including representatives from the towns and water districts, stock growers, county government, fire protection districts, recreation districts, Trout Unlimited, private commercial ranches, homeowner’s associations, and Northwest Colorado Council of Governments met to hash out the elements of what came to be known as the Drought Preparedness Plan. 

The Stakeholder group has yet to formalize how it operates, but we hope ultimately to utilize a memorandum of agreement or similar instrument. Using 2020 as a “practice” year has been important for the committee to learn how our indicators, triggers, and responses work, both for the committee, and for the communities involved.

Final Drought Preparedness Plan