The Assessor's Office is responsible for identifying, classifying, and valuing all real and personal property in Grand County according to statutory provisions. The equitable assessment of property ensures a fair tax distribution relative to the value of similar properties.

Real Property Value Information
2013 is a reappraisal year and property owners are notified of their new value May 1.
  • Your real property was valued as it existed January 1 of the current year. The tax notice you receive next January will be based on this value.
  • All property in Colorado is revalued every odd numbered year 39-1-104(10.2)(a), C.R.S.
  • The appraisal data used to establish real property value was from the 18-month period ending June 30, 2012, 39-1-104(10.2)(a), C.R.S. If data is insufficient during this time period, the Assessor may also use data from the 5-year period ending June 30, 2012.  State statute prohibits the use of appraisal data after June 30, 2012; that data will be considered in the 2015 appraisal. 39-1-104(10.2)(d),C.R.S.
  • An assessment percentage will be applied to the actual value of your property before property taxes are calculated.
  • The assessment percentage for residences is projected to be 7.96%. Generally, all other property, including vacant land, is assessed at 29%, 39-1-104.2 and 39-1.104(1), C.R.S.
  • A change in the projected residential assessment percentage is not grounds for protest or abatement of taxes. 39-5-121(1), C.R.S.

In an effort to reduce the cost of processing, printing, and postage, a consortium of Colorado Assessors have opted to send a postcard Notice of Valuation in place of the long form you received in prior years.  The traditional notice is available on our website and may include  a listing of property characteristics germane to your value.

The appeal form, to protest current year value or classification only, can be obtained on our website under Forms.

The deadline for appealing real property is June 1.

The deadline for appealing personal property is June 30.