Fact Sheets & Resources

The fact sheets and resources on this page help explain why the 2020 Census asks certain questions, how the questions provide important statistics about population and how those statistics impact your community. 


Resources to help promote public awareness about the 2020 Census.

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2020 Census Benefits Toolkit

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Fact Sheets

These fact sheets commonly asked questions and why they’re important. 

Confidentiality: English | Spanish

Counting Young Children: English | Spanish

How the Census Invites Everyone: English | Spanish

About the Race Question: English

About the Sex Question: English

Civic Organizations: English

Group Housing: English

Hispanic Audiences: English

Homeless Population: English

Immigrant or Foreign-Born Population: English

Military: English

Multigenerational Households: English | Spanish

Older Population: English

Property Managers: English

Renters: English

Accessibility: English

Faith Community FAQ: English

Why Each Question is Asked: English | Spanish

Business Owners: English

Community Partners: English

Schools: English

Responding in Spanish: English | Spanish

Responding Online: English

Your Community: English

Responding Without a Census ID: English