Employment First

Finding a job can be hard for almost anyone.  When you start facing barriers on top of that, Grand County’s Employment First program is here to work hand-in-hand with participants to overcome barriers and bridge the gaps inadequate employment can cause, helping our clients overcome their situation and become truly independent.

Grand County’s Employment First program is a required program for nonexempt food assistance recipients, with two main goals:

  1. To help our clients on food assistance move towards employment by building experiences, connecting with resources, and providing guidance.
  2. To ensure our clients can continue receiving food assistance while it’s still needed by giving them the opportunity to meet the United States Department of Agriculture’s participation and activity requirements.

Grand County’s Employment First is here to be a resource in any way we can for Grand County’s food assistance recipients.  We work to help our client’s efforts to rise above barriers and find the employment that better puts them in a higher place in life.  We mix group and individual activities to get clients the support they need while tailoring our assistance to their strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that we’re effectively helping those we serve towards their employment goals.    

For some other resources to help with your job search, or to learn more about the program, see the following pages-

Colorado Workforce Center’s Job Search Resource:connectingcolorado.com 
Statewide Employment First Website:cdhs.colorado.gov

If your organization is able to help out, please contact us at 970-725-3331.  We’re always open to additional opportunities for our clients to contribute their time to nonprofits in order to build their working skills, any additional resources we can offer our clients in overcoming barriers, or any other ways we can better connect our clients to the workforce.