In 2019 Grand County coordinated a redesign/refresh of our website, reorganized pages and content, as well as updated information.

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Problem Statement

The previous website design did not meet the needs of our employees nor the citizens that utilize it. The lack of intuitive navigation, the difficult process to find specific needs or services, and the inconsistencies a user can experience while utilizing the site all caused avoidable frustrations. Feedback from stakeholders suggested these frustrations occur frequently. Because of this, the previous website was not perceived as a reliable source of information. This lack of trust resulted in an absence of communication as well as confusion and wasted time.


The project will not only address the issues stated above but will also align with Grand County’s Strategic Plan and our promise of transparency. Addressing the frustrations experienced with the website is beneficial for every stakeholder. It will provide a website that takes into account what users need and offers simple, intuitive navigation. By providing this essential service, Grand County will attain the trust of the citizens we serve, be perceived as a reliable source of information, and fulfil our promise of transparency.


  • Human-centric (focus on the needs of the users);
  • simple and intuitive design;
  • easily accessible resources and information;
  • clear communication;
  • and transparency.