Jury Duty

So you received a jury summons. Now what? 

The first thing many people do is tell friends, neighbors or relatives about the summons, and you’ll probably get a lot of advice about finding ways to get out of jury duty. But some people may share their experiences of serving on a jury, and what they have to say likely will be positive. Many people who have served on a jury say they learned much more about our system of justice and gained more confidence in it.

Read the details on the summons you received. They will tell you how to determine whether you need to report to the courthouse on the date printed on the summons, how to ask for a postponement of your service, and what to do if you believe you received the summons by mistake.

If you’re among those who are required to report to the courthouse, be sure to make arrangements beforehand for childcare (you can’t bring kids with you for this), to have time off from work (court staff can help you get a certificate of service to show your employer), and other matters. Bring a book or something else to occupy your time as you wait with others who also received a summons. To enter most courthouses in Colorado, you’ll need to go through a security screening similar to what you’d experience at an airport, so plan for that as well.

Once inside, you’ll be directed to a jury assembly room. Staff in the courthouse will be available to answer questions. A video will be played for you to teach you about what happens during a trial. A judge may come to speak to you and other jurors about jury service and our appreciation for your service, even if you’re not selected as a juror.

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