Types of Projects Explained

Within Town Limits

If your project is within the towns of Grand Lake, Hot Sulphur Springs, or Kremmling, start with the town in question to have them review and sign off on their zoning authority, then bring your application packet to the County Building and Sanitation Services Office.

Within Unincorporated Grand County

If your project is in unincorporated Grand County, bring your application packet directly to our office; the county Planning and Zoning Services Office will review for zoning. 


Some subdivisions impose restrictive covenants, which require the approval of an Architectural Control Committee on plans for construction. Have your plans reviewed and approved by any external committee before placing them for application with the county Building and Sanitation Services. 

In addition, many subdivisions have plat restrictions, which require soil testing, engineered foundations, etc. Contact the county Zoning Services Office to find out what your subdivision restrictions may be.