Kremmling / McElroy Field

Kremmling Airport at McElroy Field is jointly owned by the Town of Kremmling and Grand County. The airport is located at 1701 Eagle Ave, Kremmling CO, 80459

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Fly into the Kremmling/McElroy Airport (20V) then stay awhile to enjoy all that our beautiful mountain community has to offer. Hiking, rafting, mountain biking, skiing, hunting, fishing and much more! Located in the heart of the Rockies, this airport provides access to several Colorado destination areas including Winter Park, Grand Lake, Steamboat Springs, Copper Mountain, Silverthorne, Breckenridge and all the hidden gems in between.

Pilots flying into Kremmling Airport (20V), please call flight services at 1-800-992-7433, option #1 to check NOTAM information. Pilots can also call the FBO, Grand River Aviation, to get up to date information on current airfield conditions. 1-970-724-0611 or 1-509-366-7133. 

Please be cautious of mountainous terrain surrounding the airport!

Helpful Information

  • Self-service- 24/7
  • No landing fees
  • Accommodates up to medium twin turbo-props and light business jets (ARC B-II)
  • Latitude- 403’12.4” Longitude 10622’8.3” Elevation 7415’ MSL
  • Runways 9/27 Asphalt 5536’ X 75’ 
  • RWY 27 right traffic RWY 9 left traffic
  • VOR-113.8, GPS, ILS RWY 27
  • 24 Hour Self Service Avgas and Jet A (with pre-mixed FSII). Visa and Mastercard accepted
  • FAA Certified AWOS-III weather information available at 118.425 or call 1-970-724-9659
  • APP/DEP 128.65
  • Kremmling VOR 113.8
  • CTAF/UNICOM 122.8
  • Runway lights, MIRL 122.8; VGSI-P2L; Approach lights-REIL

Noise Sensitive Area

Please help us to be good neighbors by avoiding noise-sensitive areas ½ mile NE of airport and ½ mile W of the airport. Landing on RWY 27 and takeoff from RWY 9 helps with noise reduction. Please restrict flights between 9 pm local and 6 am local whenever possible.

Snow Removal

Kremmling airport begins snow removal operations at 6 am local time and ends around 4 pm local time, daily from November through April. Runways may be closed during snow removal. Check NOTAMs before flight during winter months. Ground crews will monitor local CTAF 122.8 during snow removal operations. Please keep our ground crews safe by communicating your intentions before taking off or landing. For more information, call 970-887-2123.

Curious about the future plans for K20V?

Read the most current Airport Master Plan showing future hangar development, a parallel taxiway, and much more. Click here to view the current Kremmling Airport layout plan.

For general airport questions, please call Josh Schroeder at 970-887-2123

Visit the Colorado Department of Transportation website to find more information about Kremmling / McElroy Field.