County Treasurer

Collect all real and personal property taxes for the county, the school districts, all towns and more than 100 special districts that operate in the county.  The treasurer is not responsible for calculating or determining the amount of taxes due.  The assessor is responsible for determining the property value.  The state legislature establishes the assessment rate, and the county commissioners, school boards and the boards of directors of the special districts set the tax rate (mill levy) for their district.

Account for and disburse all property taxes. More than 70% of the property taxes collected by the Grand County Treasurer are disbursed to the school districts and the special districts.  The Treasurer disburses taxes monthly to each of the taxing authorities but does not disburse funds allocated for county use. The Grand County Commissioners are responsible for disbursing these funds through warrants.

Invest County funds until the money is needed to pay obligations.

The Treasurer is not responsible for sales tax assessed in the county.  The state department of revenue collects all county sales tax.

The Treasurer also serves as the Public Trustee, who provides information on the release of deeds of trust and foreclosures.

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