County Clerk & Recorder

As the primary administrative officer of the county, the County Clerk and Recorder records deeds in the County and serves as the Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners. 

The Clerk is also an agent of the State Department of Revenue and is charged with the administration of certain state laws relating to motor vehicles, certification of automobile titles, and motor vehicle registrations. 

The clerk administers all primary, general, and special elections held in the county, oversees voter registration, publishes notices of elections, appoints election judges, and ensures the printing and distribution of ballots. The Board of County Commissioners has a duty to supervise the conduct of general and special elections, and is expected to consult and coordinate with the Clerk and Recorder on rendering decisions and interpreting state election codes. 

The Clerk and Recorder also issues marriage licenses, maintains records and books for the Board of Commissioners, collects license fees and charges required by the state, maintains property ownership records, and provides deed abstracts upon request. 

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