County Commissioners

Commissioners are the main policy-making body in the county. They are also responsible for the county’s administrative and budgetary functions. County commissioners have no direct authority over the other elected officials in the County except that Commissioners do approve budgets for all the other Elected Officials’ departments.

Most counties have three commissioners who represent separate districts but are elected by the voters of the entire county. 

While, generally, boards have only those powers specifically conferred by the State General Assembly, courts have held that they have such implied powers as may be necessary to carry out their specified powers. 

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Constitutionally, the Board sits as the County Board of Equalization
  • Fills all vacancies in County offices other than those for County Commissioner and for Public Trustee
  • Exercises all powers of the county, as a legal entity, as the Board of County Commissioners and not as individual members
  • In Grand County, the Board of County Commissioners sits as the Grand County Housing Authority Board, the Grand County Board of Human Services, as well as the Grand County Board of Health.

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