Departments J - Z

  1. Juvenile Services

    Stay up to date on information regarding the Juvenile Services.

    1. Current Issues

      Stay up to date on knowing what the current issues are.

  2. Motor Vehicle

    The Motor Vehicle Department is responsible for the titling and registration of all types of motor vehicles.

  3. Natural Resources

    Access information about Mountain Pine Beetles, noxious weeds, open burning, and wildland fire mitigation.

    1. Mountain Pine Beetle

      Learn about Forest Health

    2. Noxious Weeds

      Read about the noxious weed program.

    3. Open Burning

      Find burn permit application permits and read burning guidelines.

    4. Be Wildfire Ready

    5. Wildland Fire Mitigation

      Wildland fire is a naturally occurring event that will happen at some point in time. All property owners should take steps to mitigate for this event by creating “defensible space” zones around your home.

  4. Office of Emergency Management

    Sign up for the emergency notification system and disaster assistance and view emergency management programs.

    1. CodeRED® Cellular Emergency Notification System

      Sign up to receive ultra high speed cellular phone or text messaging to stay informed during an emergency or disaster affecting Grand County.

    2. Programs

      Check out the various programs designed to help local residents.

    3. Registration for Disaster Assistance

      United Way, in collaboration with the Grand County Office of Emergency Management and the Grand County Council on Aging, announces service of 211. This service could positively impact any individual living in the Grand County area that may require assistance in the event of an evacuation or extended in-place sheltering.

    4. Road Conditions

      Check road conditions in the area.

    5. Wildfire Programs

      Access resources to wildfire mitigation.

    6. Wildfire Training Opportunities

      Find wildfire training opportunities.

  5. Public Health

    Obtain communicable disease, prescription discount card, and program information.

    1. Local Health Guide

      Find area health care providers and specialists.

  6. Public Trustee

    Find information on foreclosures.

    1. Release of Deed of Trust

      Learn how to file for a Release of Deed of trust.

    2. Foreclosure Bidding

      Review the rules of bidding on foreclosures.

  7. Road & Bridge

    Read snow removal information, road reports, and other helpful details from the Road and Bridge Department.

    1. Administration

    2. Bids and RFP's

    3. Districts

      View a map of Grand County districts and find out which district in which you live.

    4. Forms and Documents

      Find forms related to Road and Bridge.

    5. Job Opportunities

    6. Maps

    7. Photo Gallery

    8. Road Reports

      View county road information.

    9. Snow Removal

      View details about the county's plans for snow removal.

  8. Sheriff

    Peruse the divisions of the Sheriff's Office and find programs and events.

    1. Animal Control/ Animal Shelter

      Learn about animal pickups and adoptions.

    2. Dispatch/ Communications Center

      Find out about the call center of Grand County.

    3. Detention

      Learn about detention and visitations.

    4. Divisions

      Look through the various divisions of the Sheriff's Office.

    5. Employment

      Learn about employment at the Sheriff's Office.

    6. Programs

      View a list of programs offered by the Sheriff's Office.

    7. Services

      Look through services offered by the Sheriff's Office.

    8. Sex Offenders

    9. Resources

      Find helpful links.

    10. GCSO Complaint/Commendation Form

      Form for an individual to complete either reporting a Complaint or a Commendation

  1. Social Services

    View programs, services, and benefits offered through the Department of Social Services.

    1. Adult & Aging Services

      Access home care allowance, long term care, old age pension, adult protective services, Medicare savings program, and Medicare Part D information.

    2. Cash Assistance Programs

      Find cash assistance programs from Aid to the Blind (AB) to the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP).

    3. Child Support Enforcement

      Discover how to start a child support enforcement case and how to make or receive payments.

    4. Child Welfare

      Report suspected child abuse or neglect.

    5. Community Resources

      View a variety of resources from housing to youth services.

    6. Food Assistance Program

      Obtain eligibility, application, and additional resource information.

    7. Foster Care / Adoption

      Explore the options to foster or adopt a child in need of a loving home.

    8. Medical Assistance Programs

      Apply for health insurance plans if you meet eligibility requirements.

  2. Surveyor

    See a variety of surveyor maps and information.

    1. Original Railroad Right of Way Maps

      View the current information on right of way railroad maps

    2. Unofficial BLM-GLO Plats List

      Review through the unofficial BLM-GLO plats list.

  3. Treasurer

    Browse through the Treasurer site to find information on taxes and liens.

    1. Online Tax Information & Payments

      Review due dates for tax payments

    2. Tax Liens

      Find out when the lien auction takes place and how to claim your deed after the sale.

    3. Understanding Mobile Homes

      Find details about ownership rules of mobile homes.

  4. Veteran's Office

    Find valuable resources for veterans and their dependents.

    1. Veteran's Events

      Events to benefit or honor Veterans.

  5. Water Resource Management

    Learn more about the water management services.

    1. Cooperative Agreement & Attachments

      View the Cooperative Agreement attachments

    2. Fraser River Sediment Project

      Learn more about the Fraser River Sediment Project

    3. Grand Lake Clarity

    4. Learning by Doing

    5. Stream Management Plan

      Learn more about the Stream Management Phase.

    6. Watch the construction of the Whitewater Park Wave

    7. Windy Gap Firming Project